Noah Carter is a filmmaker and photographer. He graduated with distinction from a Masters degree in Architecture and the following year set up his own studio which specialises in producing short documentary films, promotional videos and portrait photographs.

Noah has worked with artists, designers, jewellers and musicians as well as large art organisations and galleries. His background in Architecture and experience of the arts sector allows him to interact meaningfully with his clients, understand their intent and the complexities of their creative process, and convey this in his work. Noah’s appreciation of, and passion for, the visual arts is also evident in his work.

His short documentary films are often framed around an interview with the subject and can offer a unique insight into their working practice and explore the often unseen process behind their work, while his promotional videos promote the activity of designers, makers and workshops, and can also be used for the promotion of specific events and businesses.

Noah’s ability to work as a one-man crew means he can keep costs down whilst still producing films of the highest quality. He uses very portable, lightweight and compact equipment which allows him to work with minimal disruption to the studio, workspace or event which is being documented and produce intimate and honest representations of the subject. When taking both film and photographs Noah strives to produce natural, incidental images.

As well as being used as promotional content online, Noah’s films have been shown alongside exhibitions at major universities and art galleries, and his photographs are often used in exhibition catalogues and for the digital publicity of events, businesses and societies. Alongside his work in film and photography Noah has also designed a number of printed books and catalogues for major organisations and exhibitions, as well designing several websites.

If you have a project, of any nature, which you would like to discuss please do get in touch.